Little Muenster Couple

Brookfield Place's Cheesiest Couple

For some, the thought of going into business with their significant other is overwhelming, but for Adam and Vanessa, co-owners of Little Muenster, it is everything but.

The two discovered their shared foodie obsession after their third date when Adam took Vanessa to a macaroni and cheese contest that he was competing in. Although Vanessa admits that she didn’t vote for Adam’s creation, their love of cheese was enough to spark a relationship – and a business.

Two years after they started dating, the couple agreed that it was the perfect time to start up what they call a “super fancy grilled cheese” shop. They knew they wanted to delve into a single food concept and thought that grilled cheese was the perfect cuisine to get them to the top, as it is both trendy and a great comfort food.

As Little Muenster succeeded as a restaurant, so did their relationship. Adam proposed to Vanessa outside of Little Muenster’s first Lower East Side location.

“It was difficult for me to sneak away to get the ring,” Adam joked. “There are never any secrets between us.”

Vanessa agreed saying that they spend so much time together daily that it’s strange for them to not know where the other is.

Adam and Vanessa have developed the perfect partnership balance. Vanessa was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she worked the cheese counter at her parents’ supermarket (growing up, a future career in the food industry was the last thing she wanted) and has a degree from NYU in hospitality investments. Adam worked as a professional food photographer and has knowledge in the marketing field. Vanessa’s parents – who experienced co-owning a business with their spouse – advised that the young couple separate their roles within the company in an effort to not step on each other’s toes. Adam works on developing the business’ brand while Vanessa does the day-to-day running of the company.

The couple recently moved Little Muenster to Brookfield Place in an effort to grow and expand their business. The two “didn’t think they’d have a chance to be a part of Hudson Eats based on how competitive it was,” according to Adam. However, they beat out hundreds of other prospective businesses to earn a well-deserved spot at Brookfield Place.

“We’re always looking to improve, and Brookfield Place is our next level,” said Vanessa.

Little Muenster’s menu still has its core rooted in grilled cheese but the menu has greatly expanded. It now includes several other menu items; including breakfast favorites such as the avocado toast, omelets and egg sandwiches, healthy deli sandwiches with house cured and roasted meats, daily artisanal soups, milkshakes and desserts to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Adam and Vanessa are always looking for new gourmet grilled cheese options to offer their customers. While dining out, they imagine what their meal would be like if recreated as grilled cheese and are specifically inspired by pizza and pasta dishes. They couldn’t help but laugh when sharing some of their combinations that turned out less than successful (roasted grapes and taleggio was one of the first to come to mind). They also have recently started to offer seasonal specials – this season’s includes lobster rolls that are perfect for a summer lunch – and allow customers to build their own grilled cheese sandwiches. Despite all of the delicious options, Vanessa emphasized that the American classic grilled cheese sandwich continues to be a customer favorite and Little Muenster’s most sold item.

Come meet the couple for yourself and check out all of Adam and Vanessa’s cheesy creations at Little Muenster at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place. Learn more about their company here!

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