George Steinmetz: Desert Air

February 16 - March 15, 2013
8am - 8pm

Winter Garden

This Arts Brookfield-commissioned exhibition features 42 large-scale photographs from the recently published book Desert Air. George Steinmetz, an award-winning photographer, spent the past fifteen years documenting the world’s extreme deserts from the air, using the lightest and slowest motorized paraglider that exists to capture some of the world’s most remote environments. This enormously ambitious project took the photographer to 27 different countries and Antarctica to discover surreal landscapes that have been shaped by natural forces into unique patterns and designs. Mr. Steinmetz's work underscores the pressing need to preserve these areas from increasing environmental threat.

February 22, 11:30am
Join us for sweet treats to celebrate the exhibitions of Desert Air and ice carving event Fantastical Botanical

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